Labour International Motion

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Here is the wording of the Labour International motion that was discussed at the Labour Party Annual Conference in September 2018. A pdf document with the motion and additional information can be downloaded below.

Proposed Rule Change

Replace Clause IV.5 and IV.6 with the following:

“5. Following an election for a Parliamentary constituency the procedure for selection of Westminster Parliamentary Candidates shall be as follows:

A. If the CLP is not represented in Parliament by a member of the PLP, a timetable for selecting the next Westminster Parliamentary Candidate shall commence no sooner than six weeks after the election and complete no later than 12 months after the election.

B. If a CLP is represented in Parliament by a member of the PLP, then a timetable for selecting the next Westminster Parliamentary Candidate shall commence no sooner than 36 months and complete no later than 48 months after the election. The sitting Member of Parliament shall be automatically included on the shortlist of candidates unless they request to retire or resign from the PLP.

6. The CLP Shortlisting Committee shall draw up a shortlist of interested candidates to present to all members of the CLP who are eligible to vote in accordance with Clause I.1.A above.”

Consequential amendments to be made elsewhere in the Rule Book where the ‘trigger ballot’ is

Proposed: Frederick Gent
Seconded: Jonathan Clyne

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  1. Nobody should have a job for life. Every constituency should decide who they want to tepresent them at every general election. It’s called democracy

  2. It’s an improvement. Next we need to do something about unelected officers in the party that have actively worked against our elected leader.

  3. Not having open selection is holding back the party from it’s return to socialism because there is a residue of Blairites whose views should disqualify them from being in the party anyway. If local members can’t decide on who stands to represent them then we are not a grass roots democratic party.

  4. New Labour under Blair and Brown (and before them Callaghan) attacked the state pension even worse than the Tories, especially women who rely more on the state pension than even millions of men, for between 50 to 100 per cent of money in old age. Working class pensioners reliant on this vital state pension money are getting all the poorer on the lowest state pension of any rich nation on earth, made so under New Labour’s government(s). The last Jeremy Corbyn brand of Labour government to help the state pension was under Harold Wilson in the 1960s and 1970s. Admin GREY SWANS

  5. Agree. Open selection is a healthy democratic approach.
    No-one who is dedicated to fully representing their constituents has anything to fear.
    It makes sense and current evidence suggests it is increasingly necessary.

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