It is 4 years since Open Selection was last presented at a Labour Party conference, but because one of the conferences in that period was cancelled due to Covid, we will have to wait another year before we can ask the membership to approve this democratic rule change. Of course the NEC has the power to allow it to return sooner, but as pigs are unlikely to be flying soon, we shouldn’t bank on that.

Instead this year the Open Selection Campaign 2022 will back the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) proposed rule change. This rule change may be the last chance of stopping a split in the party which is why we support it. It will make all Labour MPs be treated the same as any other party members and remove the power of the leader of the PLP to stop Labour MPs standing as candidates in future elections. This power should reside with the Labour Party and not with Keir Starmer.

Do you think Labour MPs should have jobs for life?

Should local party members choose who their candidate will be?

Should candidates be parachuted into constituencies from Westminster?

Should local CLPs control who is on the long and short lists?

Should members exist only to supply funds and boots on the ground?

Does the party leadership really know better than local members?

Is there any real excuse for leaving the present system unchanged?

If you want to change the present system please support Open Selection 2022. Click on “Sign Up” on the top menu and give your support to the new campaign.