About Open Selection

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  • Is there a difference between Mandatory Reselection and #OpenSelection?
    We prefer the wording Open Selection because it sounds more simple, open, friendly and democratic – which is exactly what it is!

  • Why do we need Open Selection?
    We need democracy and accountability!  The Party needs to be the campaigning arm of the Labour movement and MP’s need to realise they represent the Many not the Few! 
  • What is the current ‘trigger ballot’ system in place for reselecting MPs, and why does it need changing?
    The current trigger ballot system is complex, off-putting, and difficult to understand. Firstly, the NEC has to allow CLPs to select candidates – this didn’t happen in 2017 due to time constraints. Then, wards and affiliated trade union or socialist society branches have to vote on reselection – the trigger ballot. If the sitting MP gets a majority of the votes from these branches, there’s no reselection process. If the sitting MP doesn’t get a majority of these votes, the executive committee of the constituency party still has to approve the selection process. If all of this happens, and a reselection process looks like it’s going to occur, the MP can still appeal this decision with Labour’s National Executive Committee.
  • Won’t #OpenSelection mean good MPs are deselected?
    Sitting MPs have a massive incumbency bonus – plus access to the media. If they’re popular and hard-working, good Labour MPs will always have strong membership support. But being a Labour MP is not a job for life – standing as a Labour candidate is a privilege that has to be earned. That’s why Open Selection is a matter of course for all Labour councillors and MPs from parties such as the SNP and the Scottish Greens.
  • Don’t MPs represent their constituents? Why should they be answerable to their local membership?
    MP’s aren’t standing as independents, and are elected thanks to the huge efforts of their local and national party. 
  • How would Labour parliamentary candidates be selected and reselected under the #OpenSelection proposals?
    OMOV of all members of 6 months standing.
  • What is the difference between the #OpenSelection proposition and the Momentum position on the selection of Labour candidates?
    #OpenSelection is wholly based on OMOV (one member one vote). The trigger ballot proposal from Momentum does not adhere to the OMOV concept but gives a single vote each to branches, socialist societies etc. regardless of the number of members they have. #OpenSelection offers real democracy: One Member One Vote, in each and every CLP. 
  • Why is it important that #OpenSelection is passed at this year’s Labour Conference?
    This motion was passed back in 2017 – rule-change motions have to wait a year to be discussed at conference, and if they’re not passed, the topic is automatically ruled out of order for three years. It’s vital we democratise the party now, so MPs, activists, and members are able to rely on each others support.
  • How can I help the campaign?
    First sign the petition then share on social media.  You can submit a motion to your branch, make a donation.   You can also volunteer to help with Facebook / twitter / social media / phone banking whatever you feel most comfortable with.   If you’re a delegate to conference you can support our motion there.If you have any other ideas on what you think we should be doing please let us know – we’re as open to ideas as the party should be to Open Selection!  Contact us