Momentum Long List Rule Change 2022

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Supporting Argument

The rulebook does not currently specify which unit of the Labour Party is responsible for
longlisting. Historically longlisting has always been done by local CLPs. The desire for local Labour
parties to decide the best candidate(s) for their communities was confirmed by the 2021
Conference decision to increase CLP ownership over selection procedures. However the NEC has
since withdrawn the rights of CLPs to undertake longlisting, justified by the flawed and elitist
argument that centralised control leads to higher quality candidates being selected. This rule
change seeks to rectify this by confirming that it is the CLP selection committee who undertakes
longlisting in selections for Parliamentary candidates.

Selection of Westminster parliamentary candidates – CLPs to longlist candidates

An amendment to Chapter 5 Clause IV Sub-clause 6

Clause IV. Sub-clause 6 currently reads:

6. In all circumstances (i.e. where there is no MP, where the MP has announced s/he is retiring or where the MP is putting themselves forward for re-selection but has failed to win the trigger ballot) the CLP Shortlisting Committee shall draw up a shortlist of interested candidates to present to all members of the CLP who are eligible to vote in accordance with Clause I.1.A above.

After ‘the CLP on the third line add the following:

6.Selection Committee shall draw up a longlist of interested candidates in accordance with Clause I.1.A above. Any person who has been nominated by the Co-operative Party or an affiliated organisation must be longlisted. After further consideration the CLP Selection Committee shall draw up a shortlist to present to all members of the CLP who are eligible to vote.

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