CLPD motion on Open Selection

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Recently several people who have put themselves forward have been denied a place on either the long or short list of candidates in selection processes despite backing by large unions such as Unite. In a democratic process they should be included on the short list so that the membership can decide.

The end of February saw the CLPD AGM. The following motion on candidate selection was presented there (and passed).

“Defend members’ rights to select the candidate of their choice. This AGM notes that the role and influence of CLP members in the selection of parliamentary candidates (and in many cases local
government candidates) has been drastically diminished due to the factional exclusion of candidates, often for very dubious reasons. This is not only against custom and practice, and against commitments made by Sir Keir Starmer when standing for Leader. It is also out of line with the rule book and, in many cases, NEC guidelines.

This AGM resolves:
a. To continue to draw attention to these abuses of democracy.
b. To build alliances across the wider membership and trade unions who believe that CLPs should be able to select the candidate of their choice, including in particular trade union-nominated candidates.
c. That CLPD will consider and prepare possible rule changes that will seek to address this serious undermining of members’ democratic rights.”

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