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We are posting the Momentum Conference motion here for comparison with the Labour International motion. Both are proposing changes in the rules for selecting Labour Party parliamentary candidates, and they have similar objectives in making the selection process more responsive to the wishes of CLP members. But we think ours is more democratic and less divisive.

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  1. There is nothing ‘divisive’ at all about having open selection of parliamentary candidates. The sitting MP/ candidate should not have ‘incumbents advantage’. What IS divisive is asking members to oppose the MP first… rather than just allowing an automatic open selection process to take place without ridiculous thresholds needed. OMOV should be applied to all selections, including councillors and CLP GC’s, but thats another issue. If the incumbent has been a good, hard working, non divisive MP then they shouldn’t have any problems being reselected and if they lose the selection process they can always stand as independents.

    I concur with others that this is a great site, bringing all the debates and motions around open selction together for debate. Well done.

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